By Tracy Mallette

Yes, I made the newspaper. Literally. Since middle school, I’ve wanted to work at a newspaper. Before that, I wanted to be a writer, but family convinced me I needed something to fall back on. Can you believe I chose journalism as a stable career to fall back on!? For me, news was the next best thing to novelist, and I grew to love the whole idea of it. I developed a passion for disseminating information so the public could make informed decisions necessary in a Democracy.

Sadly, newspapers are suffering, along with everyone in the business. I missed a lot of large layoff rounds before getting hit in March 2011, after years of furloughs.

I took the opportunity to learn some Web (sorry, it’s an AP Style thing) and marketing skills, improve my design abilities, and transfer my existing writing and editing skills into a whole new career. Here’s where I document my journey.

Of course, I was scared to embark on a new career when I’d barely gotten going in newspapers (I call 8 professional years barely considering the tenure of most editors), and I was sad that the industry I loved had abandoned me. I’m scared for the newspaper industry and what it’s suffering means for our country.

But I’m also excited about the future. I’m learning SEO, UX, social media marketing, graphic design, HTML/CSS, copywriting, branding and more – and don’t intend to slow down!