I’ve finally finished designing and developing tracymallette.com!

by Tracy McCarthy

Homepage image of Tracy Mallette's website

Here’s a screenshot of the tracymallette.com homepage. I recently pulled an 
all-nighter to finish designing and developing the website.

By Tracy Mallette

I finally did it!

Although the tracymallette.com website’s been up for more than a year now, redirecting to my resume page, I’ve finally completed the design and built the darn thing!

I designed the site in Photoshop, then created the HTML documents and CSS in TextPad. My code is even W3C validated!

Then I conducted keyword research, competitor analysis and developed a user persona to write SEO content for the site.

Although a lot of work, I’m having a blast practicing all of the things I’m learning, while having something to show potential employers and clients!

I’d love feedback, advice or to read your own website design and development stories, so please share in the comments below!