LinkedIn adds @mention feature

by Tracy Mallette

LinkedIn adds @mention feature

Professional social network LinkedIn has added the @mention feature.

By Tracy Mallette

Oh snap! Watch out LinkedIn connections and businesses I’m following, cause LinkedIn has finally jumped on the @mention bandwagon.

Users and social media marketers can now reference a business or connection in their updates by typing an @ symbol in front of the person’s or business’ name, bringing the social network more up to speed with Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Next, I’m sure LinkedIn will be working on a link search function similar to Twitter and G+’s hashtag feature.

I’m excited about this new feature and look forward to harassing you all personally on LinkedIn.

If we aren’t LinkedUp (just coined that term since we can’t say “friended” or “followed” – get with the program, LinkedIn!) yet, and you’d like me to harass you on the professional social network, check out my profile to connect.