3 Tips for finding a job after being laid off

by Tracy Mallette

By Tracy Mallette

I was laid off from a job in a suffering industry. As many others before me in this economy, after the initial shock, anger and sorrow, I searched for a new job.

Here are three things that helped me land a new gig:

  1. Don’t limit your search to the same field. Parlay some of your current skills into a new career. I scanned job ads that put a high value on editing and communication abilities regardless of industry. Rather than limiting a search to industry, search for what you’re good at. I scored an interview with a company that investigates fires because they needed an editor.
  2. Learn new skills. Take a break from applying for jobs to teach yourself some new tricks. (Not those tricks; you’re not that desperate yet). I learned HTML/CSS, some Photoshop and other things to help me break into the marketing industry and possibly others, like graphic design. Which brings up another tip; try to learn transferable skills that qualify you for more jobs. I never thought I could learn HTML – too boring – but it’s a valuable skill to have for a variety of positions. Thankfully, there are entertaining ways to learn, and Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML even makes learning HTML interesting. Find a valuable skill, and don’t give up because it seems too hard or dull. See what’s out there for learning tools.
  3. Apply for a lot and don’t give up. 109. I added it up, and that’s how many jobs I applied for before I was hired as a Marketing Coordinator. And it’s what I taught myself while looking for other jobs that gave me the competitive edge needed to secure the position. Part of my job is building HTML emails, and I use HTML every day to build client ad pages on our websites. I also use Photoshop every day so it helped that I started learning the design program. If I’d lost hope, and had given up trying to better myself, I never would’ve secured a new job in a stable industry.

I hope this helps others who find themselves on the outs in their career and need to rebuild. I wish you the best for a happy and secure future.

Please share any encouraging stories of your own.