What’s up with the name of your blog?

by Tracy Mallette

By Tracy Mallette

“I made the newspaper!” is a running gag in the newspaper industry.

People seem to think it’s a big deal to make it into the newspaper – like your life meant nothing until your name was in print. (Ha! Another win for the Internet.) When a reporter was mentioned in the newspaper for some reason, he’d announce to the rest of us, “I made the newspaper!” It’s funny because that’s probably all our moms care about – seeing our name in the newspaper for something – even though we actually built the newspaper!

My college Letter From the Editor

Does my college paper’s Letter From the Editor count as making it into the newspaper?

One of the funniest things I remember was an acquaintance of mine getting a job in the marketing department of a local newspaper. That newspaper put a marketing piece about her in the newspaper to highlight their new employee, and her family was so excited that she “made it into the newspaper”. Are you kidding me!? She works in the MARKETING DEPARTMENT – and it’s a MARKETING PIECE! No matter how much I tried to explain the absurdity of it, they didn’t get it.

Anyway, I made the newspaper, although never appeared in it – unless you count the “Letter From the Editor” in my college newspaper. (My picture was even in there!)

After college, I was an editorial assistant for a couple years at a daily newspaper that closed after I left. (I’m sure that’s why).

Then I had a part-time stint as a copy editor for a weekly (my other part-time gig to make ends meet was at Petco), which lasted a few months months until a full-time position emerged at a daily. To this day, I suspect my bosses at the weekly think I used them to get that gig, but I applied for a full-time position at the daily months before I applied for the weekly. It just took forever for the daily to get back to me. I just needed to clear that up a gazillion years later.

Anyway, I worked as a copy editor and page designer for a daily (a few under one hat, actually) until being laid off March 2011. Then I put all my energy into learning new things to better position myself for the future.

That’s it. I made the paper, and now it’s time to move on.